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Having the right image is of utmost importance to advance your professional ambitions. Whether you're seeking a promotion, re-entering the workforce, interviewing for your dream job, or you're a recent college graduate transitioning to the career world, we can help you craft the right image for you.
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Learn to use your image to your advantage in a way that complements your body & lifestyle. Whether you're facing weight changes or learning to embrace your age, we can help to fall back in love with your body.
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Special Events

Looking for something special for the D-day. Whether you need help with planning your wedding outfit, preparing for an interview, making a public appearance we can help bring the best out of you.
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Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

From small groups to large corporations, our seminars and workshops are designed to help organizations educate and empower their employees.

Whether you represent a large corporation, a small private group, or a school, we provide seminars and webinars on a wide range of topics

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  • We are qualified professionals who have worked successfully with hundreds of clients to help them achieve a confident and stylish personal image that is unique to them.
  • We have inimitable fashion knowledge and an instinct for knowing what styles and designers will work for you and what to avoid.
  • We believe every client is individual and our personalised approach means that we work tirelessly with our clients achieve their image goals.

Today people start judging you starting right from the first sight. If the outlook from the first moment isn’t right, rebuilding the image will require a lot of work. So whether you're trying to get a promotion, close a big sale, changing your lifestyle, learning to embrace your age, or give a memorable toast at a special event, your image plays a big role in your success. We can help identify those barriers and create a custom action plan that helps you reach your goals.

The number of session depend on the services or package you have signed up for and each session on average is for 2 - 3 hours.

Most of your session are in person with your image consultant, if you reside in Mumbai. However, we can work seamlessly with people via Skype in most cases.

Our consultations are custom tailored to each client. So depending on the extent of your needs, your image transformation may be as low as INR 1,000 for a single service or up to INR 60,000 for a total transformation.

"You are your most valuable asset, start investing in yourself today" - Sonia Dubey