Eclectic Mix – Power, Tradition and Funk

by / Thursday, 23 May 2013 / Published in Style And The City

Power dressing reminds us of pant-suits or bland salwar kameez, traditional clothing hints of sarees and demure salwar kameez with lots of work on it and funky has nothing in common with the two and is full of zing.

Now imagine if someone asked you to encapsulate all of this in one outfit!


This is exactly what Pinky Reddy, the celebrity client for the 3rd episode of SATC, wanted Rina Dhaka to portray in her outfit. Utterly confident in her designer Pinky left Rina to her devices.

The city chosen for inspiration was Delhi. Delhi has been the core of power ever since the Mughal dynasty. With over 170 monuments and the unofficial couture capital, all the requirements were available there.

The monuments chosen for inspiration were Red Fort and Safdarjung Tomb. There couldn’t have been a better choice for choosing a symbol for power. The Jharokas, the leitmotifs and the aura of the magnanimous Red Fort and glorious Safdarjung Tomb got Rina revving.

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Traditional feel of cloth is best woven in Khadi. Next stop was Hindustani Gandhi Sahitya Sabha, where Khadi cloth is freshly woven from thread right then and there! Weaving Khadi cloth requires lot of patience and attention, especially when it is hand woven. And guess what, this isn’t the clincher; they don’t sell the cloth but they barter! Armed with freshly woven Khadi, given free of any barter to Rina, they moved on to the next place for inspiration.

Khan market, the premier shopping district of Delhi, was the next on the list. The aim was to funky up the outfit and the perfect way to do that, is by accessorizing. The problem is not to overdo it and make it gaudy. Rina chose the perfect accessory to ensure that the funkiness blends with the outfit she had in mind. She did that and how!


The final result was an Anarkali with every inch of the ensemble telling a different story. The Jharokas were very neatly digitally embodied into the ensemble. The Dupatta has leitmotif inspiration from the monuments. The funky accessory chosen went really well with the outfit and neither did it steal the attention from the outfit nor did it blend into the shadows. Every inspiration, every element was very meticulously woven by Rina.



Tomorrow, another city, another celeb and another designer will be on Style and The City.