Fashion Trends of 2018

by / Wednesday, 31 January 2018 / Published in Fashion, Shopping, Style And The City

Like every year, we predicted fashion trends for the year 2018. We all already know that shades of purple are going to take over as Pantone announced ultraviolet as the color of the year. Let’s have a look at few other trends those are going to make an entry and those we will be saying goodbye to.

Say Hi To:

  1. Shades of Violet & Purple: Pantone announced Ultra Violet as the color of the year 2018, hence we predict we are going to see a lot of lavender, purple, periwinkle, violets on the runway this year. We have already spotted this trend in S/S18 collection.
  2. Tailored Looks: We speculate tailored looks to be a hit this year. We will mostly see them in outerwear like jackets, capes and shrugs, but that will not stop designers to putting them in everything. Look out for Trench Coats!
  3. Plaid: One print that’s dominating fashion town, and that’s Plaid. The prints have graduated from suit sets to asymmetrical tops & breezy skirts.
  4. Plastic, It’s Fantastic: From Calvin Klein to Valentino and Chanel, plastic/PVC is a major trend spotted in Spring/summer 18
  5. Shimmer, Sequin, Metallic & Glitter: Sequins & sparkles are going to stay & get bigger this year. These shiny things will not be restricted to just night or party, but going to get day time exposure.
  6. Fringe is back again. Far from its boho/festival versions, it’s back in Ultra glam, more dramatic and over the top way. 

Say Bye To:

  1. Off the Shoulder: Ditch Off The Shoulder! While it may still pop up in evening gowns, we speculate that designers will drop this trend in 2018 for traditional necklines and bold shoulders. And Yes, you can wear your cold shoulders.
  2. Bomber Jackets: Yes, they will always remain in our wardrobe as off duty/seasonal staple. In 2018, we speculate the fashion outerwear mood shifting to more sharper tailored styles.
  3. Pom Poms: They had their run and now it’s over for them. Don’t worry, we speculate designers will find some other element to jazz up our outfits.
  4. Millennial Pink: It’s lovely, simple but also” oh so old”. The newly crowned color of 2018 is Ultra Violet so ditch pink and accept shades of purple.

Other Trends to Look For:

  • Dark denims will make a comeback in bottoms.
  • Chokers are not going anywhere, but this year they will appear in more bigger, chunkier and statement version
  • Ruffles were big last season, ruffles are staying this year as well, but in smaller and subtle variant.
  • Bucket Bags are going to say bye bye very soon. Hence, all major designers have them on sale.
  • Sheer is going no where.
  • Other trends to keep an eye out are buckle shoes, art infused designs, bold colors, oversized Jewelry

The year 2018 looks very promising, we are looking forward to unforgettable fashion moments. Which trend are you looking most forward to?

Your’s Fashionably,

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