Game of Throne – costume evolution over the 6 seasons

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‘Game of Throne’ the name itself send the loyal fan into frenzy every Monday night and if you happens to be one of em, you can surely relate to the numerous heart pounding moment thinking who could possibly be the next to die or whose fate will go down before conquering the iron throne.

Also how can we ignore the clothing and the fashion that adds a major level to the storyline? Over the last 6 season we have seen changes in the costume wore by the characters. The garments worn by each kingdom makes it easier for the viewers to distinguish the seven houses for e.g. the North is cold but not very rich so most of them wear heavy furs with less jewellery, their choice of colours are often grey and blue, while the Westeros being the wealthiest among the seven kingdoms are rich in precious metal, thus the Lannister clothing consist of more jewellery with expensive and heavy embroidered layered dresses.

Here is a glimpse of 6 such characters on how their style evolved from season 1- 6.

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JS 1In the first season when Jon was introduced to us, we saw him wearing more of brown, grey, and blue leather doublets (northern colours). His hair slightly unkempt, he is prepared to join the night watch.

JS 2His venture as a night watch begin in the second season and thus we saw him dressed in black peascod with thick fur coat to keep himself warm from the chilly snowy weather at the wall.

JS 3He is captured by the wildling in this season so he adapt with the traditional clothing of thick brown furs worn by the groups.

JS 4After returning to the wall, he is back to wearing black leather armour, he began his training along with his brothers.

JS 5When Jon was elected as the Lord Commander of the night in season 5, he sticks to wearing his black ensemble except with thicker fur coat signifying his position as a stronger personality.

JS 6After being resurrected from the dead in season 6, Jon Snow sheds the black clothing and starts wearing the northern colour of blue, a flashback to how he looked in the first season. Also, we saw a change in his hair which is short and tied into a bun.



JAMIE LANNISTER 1When we first saw Jamie Lannister he had a wavy blond hair. He wore slightly red and gold leather gambeson buckled with waist belt and a knee length boot. He looks much more like a royal.


In season 2, he is captured by Robb Stark who held him captive, he is dressed in brown ragged cloak with unkempt hair and scruffy looking beard. We can see how he changed from a tidy looking Lannister to a rough looking hostage.

JAMIE LANNISTER 3Luck favoured him less when one of his hand was cut off, thus he is at his lowest in this season. He chooses to remain unsavoury throughout the season with rag like costume and an untidy hair.

JAMIE LANNISTER 4Jamie changed his rag looking outfit to a Lannister kings guard uniform, this time with a golden hand. In this season Jamie is completely transformed into a clean shaved man with proper armour to protect himself.

JAMIE LANNISTER 5In season 5 Jamie wore a new red leather uniform, buckled in heavy belt like those we saw in season 1. We notice a striking contrast appearance as compared with the regular kings guard armour.

JAMIE LANNISTER 6He is left to take up the role of a commander to lead the Lannister army; therefore he is dressed in heavy red, gold and black war armour. With a change in his position, we saw a newer different look in Jamie.



SANSA STARK 1Sansa is traditionally feminine and is known for her ability to sew cloths of her own. Her dress has subtly simple design coloured in blue and grey, embroidered in floral prints and frills on the neckline. Her hair is slightly tied away from her face and the rest worn loose.

SANSA STARK 2Kept as a hostage in king’s landing, she started wearing the Lannister style attire which looked much like a Japanese kimono. Her hair is braided in firm bun like that of Cersie Lannister.

SANSA STARK 3In this season she wore robe like dresses with layers and flowy arm. Her hair is firmly tied showing her state of being held captive unlike the way she kept loose in Winterfell when she was free and untamed.

SANSA STARK 4Fleeing from king’s landing, she settles in the Vale where she starts wearing bodice fitting gowns with crow feathers on the shoulder, the Vale style. We saw a ‘Dark Sansa’ in her from the way she chooses her outfits which were mostly dark in colour.

SANSA STARK 5Coming back to Winterfell, she is married to Ramsay Bolton. She started wearing the northerner style costume with heavy cloak; also the hood shielded her when she escaped the place with help from  Theon.

SANSA STARK 6Sansa gained a powerful position for the first time; the thick fur cloak portrayed her power. The dress she wore has a dire wolf embroidered on it which she sewed herself, a way of showing authority as once the daughter of the North.




Cersie, the queen of seven kingdoms being the richest mostly wore heavy layered dresses that look like an armour for her position as the queen. It is a type of Japanese kimono with long loose sleeve. She wore more of pink and gold colour with piece of jewellery.


In season 2 after the death of her husband, she wore brighter coloured gowns showing us how she still shines from the rest even after the king’s death. Her dresses are heavily embroidered with detailed design cut and layer.

CERSIE LANNISTER 3She wore even darker coloured, heavy outfit with wide bowl neckline showing off her elegant ladylike collar bone.


After her son died she is left in mourning. Wearing mostly darker shade of black she mourns his death. Her hair braided from high with a bun and thick curls loose.


She is still in her mourning period, her gowns vary in dark black shade, although her neck exposed in an architectural necklines. Sadden by the death of her son and father she mourns caring less on how she look


At the end of season 5, after the ‘walk of shame,’ in season 6 we saw a different Cersie, her golden hair is chopped off short.  Her mourning gown now looks ragged and they are no longer embroidered but plain. She looks like she lost quite a lot of thing in her life.




Daenerys changed her look a lot of times over the past 6 season; the first season when she wore the white sheer outfit, a see through dress to present herself to Drogo shows us what a bold Targaryen she is.


In season 2 after her husband’s death, her dresses were more regal with expensive silk, fine pattern design. She wore few or more jewellery piece. However she gets back to wearing armour like dresses with more metal on the shoulder and waist.


This season showed us a powerful Daenergy in structural blue dress (the power colour of  Dothraki) over a leather trouser. Her time in Qarth influenced her in wearing such kind of apparel.


Once she conquered the city of Meeren, she acquires a stronger position and wealth; her style evolved adding more formals in her wardrobe. As she begun to gain respect, she showed more seriousness on her attire.


In season 5, we saw her donning a full royal look with clean elegant white gown. This made her look pure and dominant. We saw more grace in her choice of cloth, surely because of the position she holds.


Over the 6 season a metamorphosis in her look took place. Her apparel is changed to the way she wore in Dothrika, more of brown clothing and leather fabric. Dirtying her white clean dress she fled the fighting city of Meereen.

Authored by: Mhonchumi Kikon