Get Your Way Out from Debt

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Our lives are so competitive that we look for materialistic things to enhance our surrounding; not realizing that this lifestyle is beyond our means to maintain… hence, we take up loans and get pressed under debts that are difficult to end. And the result of excess loans leads to debt crisis.

So, in order to overcome debt not only in your financial section but also through your natural surroundings, a shift in your environment will best help, because a positive atmosphere is what you need to overlook your debt filled life. Creating an optimistic vibe will allow you to adapt a life free from all credit in the long run. Thus, to help you clear your passage we listed some few tips to help you out

  1. Declutter- Clean and thoroughly declutter every part of your environment, and by everything we mean all the junks, not leaving behind any room for extra trash.  Decluttering is important as well as potent enough to overcome any resistance.



2. Fixing maintenance problems– Leaky roofs, jammed doors, anything broken or damaged objects such as leaking faucets/toilets need to be fixed as water represent wealth and cash flow. Hence, save water.



3. Remove any dead/dying plants and leaves- You don’t want to spoil your vibrant living space with ‘dead’ energy. So get rid of all overgrown plants that hinder your walkways or the front door.



4. Remove unnecessary items- There may be some items which are unused; it could either be functional things like kitchen utensils or garden tools, clear them out. This is an evolutionary process, rather than something you can do overnight. You have plenty of things in your house and office that may not qualify as “clutter,” but neither do they make your heart sing, feed your soul or nourish you on a daily basis.



A debt free life is where you create a thoroughly nurturing environment for you and your family.  And it can never be adequate if you are surrounded by bad memories, or with things that don’t vitalize you.  Tackle your debt problems by first clearing your surroundings, because the things in our environment either nurture us or deplete our energy. There is no in between.


Written By- Anjulika Dewan

Interior Designer | Mother | Content Creator

Picture Credit- Pinterest 

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