Image Consulting

Today people start judging a person starting right from the first sight. If the outlook from the first moment isn’t right, rebuilding the image will require a lot of work. Imagine a thing that we mostly overlook or undermine can make or break an important situation!

Right from the first impression to the lasting perception, everything defines a person’s image. At the end of a holistic image consulting process, there will be no difference between what your image should be perceived as and the public perception about you.

The A, B and C of your personality are –

  • Appearance
  • Behavior
  • Communication

The A, B and C define your personality and we help you define it as per your will and requirement.

How does Image Consulting work? 

The functionality of an image consultant can be likened to that of a Swiss army knife. With expertise in domains of clothing, grooming, styling, fashion, etiquette, body language, soft skills etc., a consultant uses all of them to provide you with an assortment of image enrichment solutions.

They work along with a team of experts, skilled in their respective domain and with experience in handling a variety of requests and requirements. The image consultant co-ordinates with the team and together they provide with a holistic approach to image.

 Who is an Image Consultant? 

An image consultant is the professional who, along with the possessed skills in the aesthetics area, good taste and training; counsels, guides and accompanies a person to express the highest potential of one’s appearance, behavior & communication aspects respecting the values, style and personality of each client.

Also image consultants work with the client to express who they are, their personality, their lifestyle, through their clothes, rather than just ‘styling’ a client in the latest fashion.