LinkedIn is not Facebook

by / Thursday, 28 April 2016 / Published in Professional Development

LinkedIn and Facebook, the two most popular networking platform designed to connect people online.  Although both helps in connecting with our colleagues and pals, remember they aren’t the same, their features and options are built differently for interactions and connections.  And for those many people who are still confused and have less clue between the two social network… here’s to you ‘LinkedIn is not Facebook’ and shouldn’t be treated as one. Also talking of connections, LinkedIn is wholly a different field which is purely based on professional connectivity. Choose and connect only whom you know personally and has link with your profession or industrial business work. Read along to get a better idea of how your LinkedIn profile can score well with this simple guidelines.

  1. Random skills endorsement – Sometimes you are endorsed for skills you aren’t quite aware of and it’s usually from people who are not closely associated with your business, so endorse only for skills you have direct knowledge and has worked upon, else demote the wrong skills. On a professional note, LinkedIn endorsement should be based on your credibility and skill opportunities rather than just for the sake of endorsing yourself or vice versa. #MakeHonestEndorsement.
  2. Sharing survey/rating request to strangers– Being on LinkedIn means receiving and sending survey request for rating yours and others performance, but how many people really want to participate on the survey? I.e. if they aren’t getting anything in return. Sending survey request can annoy and deter other user. Be wise or you can get creative when sending one of your own.
  3. Join relevant groups based on your professions/skills and not on likes– Just because certain groups are getting likes doesn’t mean you need to join that circle. Those groups may not have any relevancy on your skills or professional backgrounds. Choose and join only those that will be helpful and certainly which is of your interest.
  4. No personal photos and quotes– No business professions are going to judge your ability based on your vacations, party pictures or your personal emotional quotes. If you wish to share your memorable albums for people to comment or others to feel your inner thoughts than Facebook is the platform… Not LinkedIn.
  5. Share interesting articles and appear active– Want your connection to know that you are an active user? Yes? Keep posting interesting articles and update your connects with the latest news and features, however don’t overdo it. Not everyone has the taste for reading all the time.
  6. Do not link your LinkedIn profile with FB/Twitter, share professional updates only if needed– Never mix your professional with your personal life. Keep your professional updates away from your personal ones; you need not link your FB/Twitter profile to LinkedIn, stick the later profile with business only. This also means if you are connected with someone on LinkedIn, it is not mandatory to send a friend request on FB; you don’t want to be called a stalker. Do you?
  7. Starting the usual conversations -You did not join LinkedIn to find friends and start the usual conversations of ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’. Remember such kinds of conversations are totally off limits; Talk smart when talking professions.
  8. Connecting for the sake of connection– If you think having thousand plus friends on LinkedIn is cool; you are at the wrong platform. The more people you connect to (here we mean random people) the more you are likely to get unknown invites every day. And we know you don’t want to mess up your professional networking site with unnecessary content, thereby one last advice for that…. LinkedIn means clearly business.

A great rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t put it on a resume, or say it in an interview, then it’s probably not for LinkedIn either.

Courtesy – Huffington Post

By: Sonia Dubey