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Own the scarf that can make your face invisible if you don’t want your picture taken. Call it a curse for the paparazzi or a boon for the celebrities. Okay… we are talking about a tech inspired fashion scarf that shield a person face when someone clicks a picture using a camera flash. The product creator Saif Siddique named it ‘ISHU’ (a word combination of “issue” and “shh.”) which stands for privacy and silence) AKA the invisible cloak. It is a flash resistant scarf which ruins a picture making it pitch black. Yes, you heard it right.

It might possibly be a life saver for celebrities who are constantly been clicked by pesky paparazzi, even worst when some 4-5 cameras are flashing on their face as they walk away. Annoying?  Well, guess the nuisances will soon be over because the inventor had it designed in such a way that it resist the flash and reflect the light back on the camera making the person face invisible. Because, not many loves to pose at a cam when they have a bad hair day or a moody evening.

The invisible cloak has been spotted wearing by some celebrities like; Nick Jonas, Paris Hilton, Hannah Simone, Dabby Ryan, Patrick van Aanholt etc.

Nick Jonas - Singer, Song writer

Nick Jonas – Singer, Song writer

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton










Hannah Simone - 'Cece' new girl actress

Hannah Simone – ‘Cece’ new girl actress

Patrick Van Aanholt - Dutch National Soccer Player

Patrick Van Aanholt – Dutch National Soccer Player















Maybe, it’s time for paparazzi to pay some heavy price to get crystal clear picture of our favourite celebs… I.e. if they are seen donning the invisible cloak. The scarf will launch globally in A
ugust with prices ranging from $268 to $478.

So, what is your take on this latest techno inspired invention to make a person face disappear in the dark whilst using the camera flash. Do you think the Pap will stop flashing their cameras? Also, do you think it will give celebrities some privacy by keeping them away from the limelight?  Will our Bollywood stars fall prey for this? As they are more likely to pose for a picture without shying away, except for some of them.

Let us know your opinion.

P.s- It works on video cameras too. Brace yourself up paparazzi!! This scarf is going places. We guess.

Till then stay POSH!

Written By: Mhonchumi Kikon

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