It is said that, “First Impression is the Last Impression”, and if you can impress someone with your confident look then nothing like it. Be it an important interview, a college fresher’s day, a business meeting or any special occasions, your appearance should leave a lasting impression on everyone. And, along with talent you need

For most women, hair is a topic that tugs on their heartstrings. Closely related to a girl’s self-esteem, there are so many emotions linked to hair. There is no doubt in my mind that every one of us can recount at least one hair trauma story, and today I’m here to begin that conversation. We

As a school girl, I remember weekends spent sitting at my grandmother’s feet, while she oiled my hair with a mixture of coconut oil, neem leaves, hibiscus flowers, and other herbs and roots that I can’t even remember. The famous Indian ‘champi’. I also recollect fighting Nani all the time. I hated the whole process.

4 Skin Care Products, NOT OK To Skip!

Thursday, 02 July 2015 by

Sunscreen: Every fashion magazine, every beauty expert, every dermatologist keep repeating apply sunscreen and that is for a reason. UV rays from the sun is the biggest reason of aging, getting those fine lines or wrinkles and still we decide to skip sunscreen. It doesn’t matter if you are indoor or outdoor, sunscreen is a